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What is Brilla AI? How it was used at 2023 NSMQ

Brilla AI
Brilla AI

In the fast-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Brilla AI emerges as a groundbreaking innovation, reshaping the dynamics of intellectual competition. What is Brilla AI? Designed to provide quick and precise responses to questions in a distinct Ghanaian accent, Brilla AI is more than just a technology; it’s a tool for inclusivity and access to quality education.

Here, we explore what Brilla AI is and how it made a significant impact at the 2023 National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ). Now What is Brilla AI?

What is Brilla AI? How it was used at 2023 NSMQ final

What is Brilla AI? – Brilla AI is designed to provide quick and accurate answers to questions in a Ghanaian accent, and it incorporates four machine-learning systems in NLP, speech processing, and Generative AI, working together in real-time.

The first version of Brilla AI was demonstrated at AfricAIED 2023 and launched on October 28, 2023.

Beyond being an intellectual challenge, the project seeks to address inequities in NSMQ preparation and Ghana’s educational system. By democratizing NSMQ preparation through AI technology, it can enable more widespread access to science education in Ghana and, ultimately, across Africa.

The Essence of Brilla AI

Brilla AI is an ambitious project crafted to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and education. Developed by Kwame AI, this innovative AI system incorporates four distinct machine-learning systems: Natural Language Processing (NLP), speech processing, and Generative AI, all working harmoniously in real-time. The end result is a sophisticated tool that can quickly and accurately respond to questions while maintaining a quintessential Ghanaian accent.

The Debut at 2023 NSMQ

Brilla AI made its debut at the 2023 National Science and Maths Quiz, sparking curiosity and excitement among participants and spectators alike. This groundbreaking AI system was not just a passive observer; it was an active participant, albeit unofficially. Brilla AI remotely engaged in a battle of wits with PRESEC-Legon, Achimota School, and Opoku Ware School during the riddles round of the competition.

The ability of Brilla AI to provide responses with a Ghanaian accent is a testament to the versatility and potential of artificial intelligence. It showcased how technology can be harnessed to offer a unique and inclusive learning experience. The project aimed not just to participate in NSMQ but to outperform the best contestants in all rounds and stages of the competition, thereby challenging the status quo.

Democratizing NSMQ Preparation

While the NSMQ is undoubtedly an intellectual challenge, it is also a reflection of the inequities within Ghana’s educational system. Historically, only a select few big-name schools have dominated the competition, leaving many others at a disadvantage. Brilla AI aims to address this issue by democratizing NSMQ preparation.

By providing AI technology that enables unlimited preparation sessions, Brilla AI levels the playing field, offering students from all backgrounds the opportunity for quality preparation. This initiative not only extends to NSMQ but holds the potential to revolutionize science education throughout Ghana and, by extension, across Africa. George Jojo Boateng, the project’s lead, envisions a future where millions across the continent have access to personalized, one-on-one learning interactions, transcending geographical and socio-economic barriers.


Brilla AI is not just a technological marvel but a symbol of progress in education and a champion of inclusivity. Its debut at the 2023 NSMQ marked the beginning of a transformative journey in the field of education and artificial intelligence, with the promise of democratizing knowledge and learning for all.

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