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Erica Bale Bio: Age, Net Worth, Education, Relationship & Facts

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Erica Bale who’s full name is Erica Opia Bale is a Nigerian actor, producer, and director. She directed and produced short film titled “Dream Guy“. Erica is popularly known for staring in a high school movie “Girl Meets Boy” where she played the role as Sophie.


Erica was born in November. Her age will be updated soon.

Net Worth

To be updated.


Erica Bale studied at Infant Jesus Academy where you decided to move into active modelling.


Erica Bale and Nabz
Erica Bale and Nabz hiking in 2017. Source: Ghviral.com

Erica Bale is married to Anaba Wachuku and the two have one baby boy called John Paul Bale. They have been together since 2014.


  • Erica Bale is a model, actor, writer, director and producer. Nontheless, she is an entrepreneur caterer as well.
  • She is a mom with one kid.
  • Erica has been in the movie industry for a very long time
  • She is a family person as part of her personality


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